Each ring is made to order, so please specify your ring size on checkout to assure you receive the perfect fit.

The best way to find your finger size is to visit a jeweller and have a professional fitting.

If this is not possible, measure the interior diameter of an existing ring that fits well.

Also measure the interior circumference and then check both measurements with the chart here to see if you arrive at the same result.


Interior measurement: Measure the inside of the ring from one side to the other in a straight line with a ruler.

Measure it a few times until you are sure it is right.

If the design of the ring has a wide band, go for the largest measurement if you are unsure.

With a very fine band, choose the smaller of the measurements.

The circumference of the the inside of the ring:  Using a piece of paper or card, cut a strip and place it inside the ring.

Cut the piece so that the ends meet and then take it out and measure the length of the paper.

This is the circumference.


If you are measuring your finger size, as you do not have a ring to find the right size, follow these steps.

Finger sizes can change due to weather and the time of day so the best time to measure is at the end of the day.

When it is warm your fingers will be larger. So keep this in mind.

Take a piece of paper or card cut in a strip similar to that of a ring width and carefully wrap it around the finger of choice.

Once removed, measure the length of this piece of paper and that will give you the inside circumference of the ring to be made.

Using a tailors measuring tape can also work well.


Measure a few times to confirm an accurate measurement.